Choosing to build a passive house

Thanks to solar energy, air heating and good thermal insulation, it maintains a mild ambient temperature all year round. A house is composed of a simple architecture and should face south when possible, to be able to store as much energy as possible. For more informations, contact Label Properties. The idea of a passive house was born in the 1970s after many tests and is based on German building standards: a passive house is more expensive to build than a so-called « conventional » house. Its residents will save money through a significant reduction in their energy costs over the long term, even if the cost could even be 20% higher.

Cost of passive house construction

The construction of a passive house costs between 15 and 25% more than that of a traditional house (thermal study, reinforced insulation, special carpentry, equipment adapted to thermal healing, etc.), but its structural system and equipment considerably reduce energy consumption and therefore long-term related expenses. Discover property for sale mougins. As a result, the initial cost, although higher, is less expensive over time. In addition, the house is ahead of the regulations in force. Reselling your home will be easier because its heritage value is higher than that of the equivalent regulatory dwelling.

The comfort of the positive energy house

Comfort and health are the main criteria taken into account by the favourable energy fireplace. The approach involves types of buildings and buildings and is international. A positive house generates more energy than it absorbs, and the « positive energy building » or BEPOS is a revolutionary concept that should impose new construction standards in the very near future. The principle of a favourable energy house is intuitive and simple: it is about generating more energy than it has for your house and its inhabitants. This positive energy balance is calculated on a scale that has lasted throughout the year and also takes into account all consumption, including various appliances, ventilation, heating and lighting. In order to minimize its environmental footprint, the favorable energy fireplace first of all draws a layout: while an architecture avoids heat reduction points, skylights and a room design ensure maximum sunlight during the day. Energy production is provided by a renewable source such as wind or solar energy, with for example heating from a heat pump.

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