Mover specializing in international moves

The many obligations, the complexity of customs declarations and the characteristics of borders make it difficult to envisage a global movement. For a quality move contact Family moving company since 1978  . It is necessary to choose a mover specializing in international moves, especially since a global move is more fragile than a regional or national move.

Prepare an international move

It all starts with you. Your entire house may have to be dismantled without having to scrupulously notice the contents of each box and packed with moving boxes. In fact, a complete inventory will be requested from customs. This stock will include transferred, labelled and numbered items. The list should also be translated into the language. This is part of the services in motion. The loading of your goods will take place. The crates will be stacked in a container which will then be sealed and taken to the port. For air travel, it may be necessary to use boxes to weigh less and therefore cost less. Once at your destination, you can take care of customs clearance, transport to a new residence and unloading… or entrust all the local representatives of the moving company’s partners.

Price of an international move

Are you planning to move abroad? You will need a safe and reliable solution to transfer the contents of your home and your belongings to the right port. The price of global container transport can be as high as $20,000. For more informations contact Monaco removal  . This difference is explained by a series of factors, mainly the volume of your products to be moved and the distance to be covered, and the costs of global container transfers are permanently based on two components: the volume in cubic metres of these transported goods and the distance between the port of origin and the destination interface. The further away your products are, the higher the cost of transport and overseas transport will be.

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