What does BBC mean?

BBC stands for Low Consumption Building. A BBC house is a particularly ecological house, specially designed to emit as little carbon dioxide as possible. For more information, discover the website : https://www.riviera-luxury-villas.com/ . This type of housing complies with all thermal regulations better known as the conventional 2012 RT. In order to limit its impact on the environment, the BBC appreciates the contribution of sunlight to the heat and light it provides.

The objective of low-energy construction

The main objective of this type of construction would be to limit energy and greenhouse gas consumption. It is equipped with a thermal insulation and ventilation system that allows a uniform temperature to be enjoyed in summer and winter. Discover homes for sale south of france by contacting professionals . This mechanical enthusiast also treats moving air. Houses using the entire BBC label also benefit from a reduction in the housing tax and the construction must benefit from the heat and sunlight. Ideally, it should be oriented. The modest spaces used are to the northwest, the part that is. To acquire this label, a thermal study of the materials used for the structure and the permeability test are essential. Air flow control can be important.

Its advantages

Please be aware that in case you wish to build a BBC house, you will have the opportunity to receive assistance for its financing. Consequently, the interest-free loan is a loan whose interest is covered by the State. The amount of the credit will be even more important if your building presents energy performances. You could also benefit from additional valuable financial assistance such as the EDF loan or eco-green from certain banking organizations. In the case of a building respecting the BBC standard, the State can make you profit from an exemption on your property tax. This exemption will take effect the year following completion of the house and for a minimum interval of five decades, and the construction of a house with the entire BBC brand will allow him to realize a substantial capital gain in the event of sale or lease of his home. The more energy efficient this house is, the more valuable it will be. Similarly, it will become increasingly useful when its operating costs are reduced and it does not want rehabilitation to meet new regulatory standards.

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