Tips for investing in rental properties

Investing in real estate can be a very attractive investment, especially if it is a new or under construction building. More information: .  A French taxpayer also has the possibility to obtain a property abroad. Spain and the United States are appealing nations.

How to make a successful investment?

Before investing in real estate, the future buyer will have to consider the location of the house he wants. It should promote an environment without vis-à-vis, for example. Before taking the necessary measures, it is essential to contact the town hall services for advice on all likely constructions planned in the vicinity of the future property. In the case where the investment concerns a rental house, it is necessary to invest in a place where the industry is attractive. A stressed area will be particularly appropriate. The future buyer will have to decide to put money into new or old ones. Taxing an investment in a new home is more valuable. This type of home can be more practical because it meets environmental and sustainable regulatory standards. In addition, the buyer will benefit from reduced notary fees, only 2% to 3% in new buildings, compared to 6 or 7% in the old one. The choice of financing method is also one of the parameters to be taken into account when buying a property. It is preferable to take out a mortgage loan, even if the future buyer can afford to pay in cash. The surface area of the house also plays a role in the decision. The more rents are collected, the more substantial they will be.

Buying new

The purchase of new buildings allows you to benefit from the latest innovations in energy and energy efficiency, in addition to sound insulation. Another advantage of the new property is its ability to become a solid and sustainable investment. The value of new properties generally tends to increase over the very long term, especially since a new residence generally favours resale thanks to its own energy, acoustic and functional advantages (underground parking, balcony, etc.). New properties are actually very popular with potential tenants, who often find that they offer better solutions than old ones. Investments in new properties also have the advantage of allowing you to defer part of your purchases and notary fees will probably be reduced.

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