Investing in a rental property

Investing in a rental property consists in buying a property to rent it in order to earn additional income and develop assets. The investment can be optimized. More informations : .  Choosing a rental investment allows you to improve your assets smoothly and to benefit, once the purchase is amortized, from a significant additional income. As long as you make the right choices.

Rental investment: advice

To choose the best speech for your rental investment, act as if you were the one who would live in the apartment, as if you were the tenant. You can choose a pleasant, well-equipped and well-served neighbourhood. If you invest in a grocery store or house, your tenant will be a household. So think about the proximity of daycare centres and schools. If you are renting to a student, you can choose between a residence close to the campus or an apartment located in the city centre but connected to the university centres by public transport. Always consider reselling. If you put the property back on the market, it must quickly locate a buyer at an advantageous price. It’s always easier with a fantastic address. In real estate jargon, we talk about market depth and that is an essential criterion. Empty leases offer more stability and security to the buyer, but their operation is not as flexible as the leases provided. The latter also benefits from more favourable taxation. And the rental yield is not the same.

Buying new properties

Buying new properties allows you to benefit from advantages such as lower pension costs, a temporary exemption from property tax or a tax exemption, even in the event of a rental investment… By simply buying a new house, you benefit from reduced costs. By investing in rental property, you can, under the Pinel Act, benefit from a tax advantage as long as you comply with certain obligations. This benefit depends on the duration of your devotion and increases with the length of time you rent your property.

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